The Fasting Practice

Why do we fast?

In a culture marked by excess, luxury, and addiction, many of us feel powerless over the desires of our souls and the appetites of our bodies. We feel more like slaves to our “flesh” than masters of it. Fasting is a spiritual practice that God can use to restore us to sanity and stability.

Fasting is a willing choice to go without food for a set period of time. It is among the most neglected and most abused practices of Jesus, though for centuries it was a central practice of apprenticeship.


How do you fast if you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food? Listen to a conversation on eating disorders, body image, and Jesus’ call to health and wholeness, including an interview with a woman who has overcome an eating disorder in her own life. Hear how she interacts with fasting now.


Engage with the teachings in this practice series by attending Midtown on Sunday mornings, staying tuned in to the podcast, and following along in our Prayer and Fasting Guide. As you learn and practice fasting, discuss your experience with your Midtown Community, your Huddle, your family, friends, and neighbors. Transformation only happens in embodied relationship.

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To dive even deeper into the history and practice of fasting, we recommend the following resources:


By Scot McKnight

cover of the book fasting

God’s Chosen Fast

By Arthur Wallis

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