Discipleship Huddles

A huddle is a same-gender group of 3 to 5 who meet weekly to help each other become more like Jesus.

Becoming like Jesus is a matter of participation, not just information. Put another way: growth comes by doing, not just knowing. Our character is transformed when we develop a habit of participating in God’s transforming work in and through us. Huddles are intended to help people do just that.

How do huddles help us participate in God’s transforming work?

A huddle helps people become more like Jesus as they pursue collaborative growth in the areas of emotional health, spiritual practices, and missional engagement.

Emotional Health: We are most healthy when we are most honest with ourselves, with God, and with others. In your Huddle, you will be given the opportunity to develop deep relationships that will enable you to share honestly about the tough stuff of life and be encouraged by the truth of the Gospel.

Spiritual Practices: If we want the life of Jesus we should adopt Jesus’ lifestyle. Three times a year Midtown spends a month introducing a spiritual practice from the life of Jesus and invites MCs to begin implementing them together and discussing their experience. In your Huddle, you will help each other form the practice into a habit through long-term sustained encouragement.

Missional Engagement: We believe everything God does in us is something he wants to do through us in the lives of others: every interaction is an opportunity for God’s will to be done in Austin as it is in Heaven. In your Huddle, you will help each other take steps to bless your friends and neighbors through prayer, hospitality, servanthood, and sharing the good news of Jesus.

Interested in joining a huddle? Contact our Spiritual Formations Pastor, Matt Tolander, or fill out the form below.

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