Midtown Church Austin TX

Saturate 2018

Last summer the elders and staff had face-to-face meetings with all of our Partners. One of the questions we asked them was, “What was the most meaningful thing we did as a church last year?” The majority of partners pointed to the 21-day fast as the most spiritually impactful thing we did. We’re trusting God to do the same this year, and we hope you would participate with us! We’re asking everyone at Midtown to prayerfully consider doing 4 things during Saturate (February 11th to March 3rd).
Fast from something for 21 days.
Prayerfully give something up for 21 days in order to better focus your heart and mind on God. Last year, for example, people fasted from food, certain types of food, alcohol, social media, screens, TV, Netflix, video games, various forms of entertainment, etc.
Fast ”for” something for 21 days.
Prayerfully add something to your schedule for 21 days in order to better focus your heart and mind on God. Last year, for example, people added scripture memory, worship, prayer, Bible reading, journalling, giving to the poor, evangelism, prayer with roommates or spouses, encouraging a friend, etc.
Use the Saturate devotional for 21 days.
Use the daily devotional we’ve written so that we can all be studying the same things and praying the same prayers during these 21 days. You can get a hard copy of the Saturate devotional on Sunday, if you did not get one last Sunday. We’d also encourage you to meet weekly with your MC, your Huddle, your spouse, family or roommates to discuss what God is speaking to you during the fast.
Pray Habakkuk 2:14 at 2:14pm each day.
Set your phone alarm to 2:14pm so that once a day we’re all praying the same prayer at the same time.
“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14
As we aim to grow in prayer as a church, I would also encourage you to participate in the following times of United Group Prayer.